Spruce Christmas tree in a pot


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I need a bit of advice with my pot grown Christmas tree.

Earlier this month I got a small tree in a pot from Tesco. The label says 'medium picea tree', but after a bit of googling I'm sure it's a blue spruce.

Now, my questions is: Does anyone have any experience in keeping a tree like this alive & well in a pot long term? 

At the moment it looks healthy (no needle drop so far), the only issue it the pot size (some of the roots are coming out through the drainage hole) so will definitely need a bigger pot.

I know people do plant them out in the garden after Christmas but that is not an option for me (I live in a rented house, my tenancy contract ends in February and I don't know if my landlord will renew it or not yet). Anyway, I'd like to be able to use it as a Christmas tree again for the next several years (until it gets too big/heavy for me to move basically) and to take it with me to a new house if I have to move. Apart from a few weeks at Christmas it will be kept outdoors the whole time.

So, is it possible to keep a spruce in a pot permanently like this? Thanks!

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I've kept rooted trees in planters for several years, I'd get a plastic planter that's as large as you'll be able to manage when full to give the plant some room for growth.  I usually try to get a couple of years out of Christmas trees before they become too large to manage, just make sure you keep it well watered in summer and it should do fine.  

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Hi Bluedog,

Ideally I would say repot it into a pot a couple of inches wider, although use a bigger one if it might dry out too quick in summer. For permanently pot grown plants it's good step up the sizes gradually if you can so the roots will gradually fill up the pot space bit by bit. There shouldn't be any problems keeping it in a pot for quite a few years, depending on the variety. Just give it plenty of sun and keep it fed and watered. It likes acid soil. It's also good to keep the rootball insulated from freezing.

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