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Would this sarracenia digest using enzymes or just rotting the prey

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So here’s my Sarracenia; I just gave it three spiders which were wandering around the living room and was wondering how it will digest them. Will they be dissolved in enzymes? Or will it just wait on them to die and rot and then get the nutrients they provide in that way? Thankyou! 



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On 12/24/2017 at 8:32 PM, Alcibiades said:

Thanks, does the plant release it’s enzymes all through it’s pitcher as the prey never seems to go very low down (other than spiders)? Most bugs tend to stay quite high up in the pitcher. Only spiders sink down to the v wry bottom. 


I think it may secrete acids all the way up to a certain level. Even when my sarracenia are full, the insects from the top are only a husk after a time.

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