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Greetings to all the community! My name is Margot and I am super new to the world of carnivorous plants... I bought a Venus fly trap two weeks ago as it was dying in the shop I found it... and now I am searching for advice and recommendations! 

Hope to find everything here to make my little Venus (which I named Lord of the Flies, lol) happy again! 

Cheers xo

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Welcome to the forum Margot.Good luck with your vft, Sometimes they look as if drying from a)lack of water or 2)watered with tap water instead of rain water

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Thank you for the warnings! I guessed the shop was not treating it the right way... I have had a vtf when I was a child, since then I was very fascinated by carnivorous plants... and I remember it needed distilled water and lots of care. The pot I bought was the one with the plant that looked the most "willing to live"... The others already had a root in the grave... I was not sure I would be able to revive them, as I am not that expert. 

But so far, my little plant is green and growing! (Still didn't place it outside as in Scotland is very windy and as I've just repotted it I am afraid it would fly away if i leave it on my balcony: but I am working on it!) 

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I am keeping it on the windowsill of the coldest yet sunniest window that I’ve got. I’m trying to make the balcony more protected for the plant, so that I can put the whole pot there once finished without worrying about the wind too much! 

(Maybe I am an overprotective owner)

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