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Hi Everyone,

I haven't been on this forum since we used our CPs as our wedding centrepieces ten years go! Glad to se it is still going strong :)

I would be very grateful for everyone's opinions - I have always taken off the dead growth on my Sarras by removing the whole pitcher at the base. They basically peel off from the stem. Is this the best way or do people just trim them right down instead? I have seen professional growers who cut their whole collections right back so there's nothing to see when dormant - do you guys do this and if so when is the best time? We moved our whole collection into a polytunnel last year and they have flourished, so this year's job of cleaning up and splitting is going to take some time!

any opinions appreciated, thank you :) 



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I lovingly prune dead material, and pull the pitcher bases off the rhizome when they are both dead and soft.

On the one hand I'm aware some of the people who operate strimmers across their collections (literally) are exceptional growers with beautiful plants. On the other hand I can't imagine it does the plant any harm, and most likely is advantageous if only marginally, to maintain photosynthetic parts over winter. While I have a relatively small collection, I'll continue to do the latter, and the OCD in me finds the tidying, and the individual contact with each plant, rather therapeutic

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Thanks Everyone, all very interesting replies. I think I'll probably use a combination of both this year - the Purps are pretty overgrown and I think pulling the pitchers off from the rhizome clears them out and gives a better air flow. Think the cleaning up and splitting is going to take a while though! I do agree that it can be quite therapeutic, especially when they're all cleaned up, split out and in a nice new pot... :) 

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