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Any chance at identification and issues

Riaan De Winnaar

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Bought from a local nursery and no info was provided.perhaps someone has an idea to the species?

Seems to be growing well but not really pitchering. Day time temperature is 25 to 35 degrees Celsius. Night time around 18 to 20. Humidy always above 50. There is also some red spots on the leaves I am hoping to remedy, any ideas?





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That looks like a Nep from Hungry Plants.

Peter Hewitt ID's it as Red Lantern, a N. gracilima x ventricosa hybrid, or aka N. Rebecca Sopor.

Hungry Plants has it ID'd as N. Red Bell, a N. Alata x unknown hybrid.

As for the red spots, I'm assuming that would be light related, where it got hit with too intense or unfiltered sunlight? If that's the case the leaf will keep it and will only be able to remedy it on new growth by avoiding too bright light or direct sun.

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Thanks for the input there Juan. From images indeed looks like N. Rebecca Sopor. I might try to see how it responds to less direct light on new growth. Found spider mites on some of the Drosera purchased from the same nursery and will treat everything with veg oil and garlic and see how that goes. 

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