Division and repotting of Cephalotus follicularis

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When you have a pot with plantas that look unhealty, the best thing to do is repotting it to a new soil, in this case the soil i had this Cephalotus  was very deteriorated and compact. So i transplated them to a new and bigger pot and more aerated that the previous one to avoid root roting.

First i put some volcanic rocks in the bottom

In second, i filled the pot with this mixture: peat moss: perlite: silica sand (1:2:2)

Photo of one of the clumps, look at the rizomes and roots!

From this division i took 10 individual plants!

To finish, i put a layer of silica sand to avoid some algae and mosses


I let the pot in a spot with indirect sunlight and with a zip lock bag to up the relative humidity to 100% and with this reducing the post-transplant stress. If all goes ok and with this rain week and decreasing temperatures we here in Portugal are experiencing, after one week i will take the bag off and put the pot in is definitive spot.

 After 2 months i will update their growth.


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23 hours ago, lucien01700 said:

tomorrow November 2nd is the day of the dead :hi:


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Le 30/12/2017 à 19h24, werds a déclaré:




Le 30/12/2017 à 19h24, werds a déclaré:

Pas grand a dire, certains sont MORTS et le reste s'est coloré.




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