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New Carnivorous Plant Book

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Publishers website has more information: https://global.oup.com/academic/product/carnivorous-plants-9780198779841?cc=nl&lang=en


check the table of contents and the contributerslist.

Lots of big guns, but expect a technical/scientific book, like a selection of specialised papers on selected topics make a complete story.

Not a picture book or light reading material.

Looks like at least one of my Christmas gifts will have a slow reindeer...:yes:

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Thank you for heads up on this book carnivore, just what I was looking for. I have emailed OUP asking for details on the ebook launch, which presumably is January. Price wise it seems that tech books like these command huge prices. I had to access a book on freshwater diatoms during some OU study. To buy was over £150, that was 20 years back. Took three weeks for the library to get it for me.

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Well said Keith and Dave, it’s the scientific content and in all probability years of work that makes this kind of book so expensive. This isn’t going to be a widely sold coffee table book full of colourful artistic photos, or a cultivation guide.

Nigel HC

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The book is out now at £81.59 hardback from Amazon. I have just ordered it and will (if anyone is interested) give a review in due course. The book is, of course, very technical but gives a wide view of evolution, habitat, prey capture methods, nutrient transport systems etc. Of importance, to the survival of these fascinating plants, there is a section on the continuous destruction of natural habitats. I feel the need to give something back, and although very pricey, I hope at least some of the price will go toward continuing research.

There is an ebook on Google for purchase at £65'ish but I cannot find it again.

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