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I am please to say that the last few plants, which were sold through the forum, have been posted to the respective winners. To be honest, I'm glad it's over!! :)


I shall shortly be sending a paypal payment to the CPS for £100, which was raised by the auctions, which will be split 50:50 between the CPS conservation fund and the general running of CPUK.


Thank you for all that bid and well done to the winners!

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Yes a huge thank you to Andy. I know how time consuming packing up plants can be so fitting that in with a full time job can;t have been easy. Thank you Andy, we really appreciate all the work you have put in and thank you as well to all of you  who did place bids.



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And thanks to Sheila for listing and coordinating the auctions on the forum!!


It all reminds me that I need to make contact with Roger Thomas (the original donor of the plants) because I believe he has more plants to pass on to the CPS. If that happens They will probably be auctioned here again, so watch this space.

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