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Small pause whilst you insert your own jokes!!


Now my question. I've just built my first greenhouse an Elite High Eave with toughened glass and bar capping. Having had a few windy days I would like to know what wind speeds are considered too high to leave vents open. I am concerned that if I close all the vents because of wind that I am putting my plants, mostly Sarracenia, at risk of mold growth. Are winds gusting to 30 40 mph ok? Or what speeds would you suggest?

All advice for a new greenhouse owner would be gratefully received.

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That’s something I’ve been trying to figure out too. I’ve been closing the vents and door if winds are about 30. Mine hasn’t got toughened glass though. I have installed a fan to help with air movement if the door is closed but I leave it running 24/7.

I’d be interested to see what others say though.

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