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My latest creation...

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Hi Folks,

Here's a pic of my latest creation...



I had  languishing Nepenthes 'Bloody Mary', which was dark green, and growing, but small and not producing pitchers. And I spotted a nice little N. x hookeriana at a local garden centre for £7. I also had a 6-inch section of tree fern hanging around. So I snapped up the x hookeriana, and hatched a plan.Egg on Facebook 2.2

I split the tree fern section in 2 with an axe, and manipulated the top edge of one piece to plant both these Nepentheses on it with some live sphagnum. I then sat it on top of the other piece, and sat the whole creation on top of a bed of charcoal with a bit of sphagnum in between, in a nice glazed saucer (~8

It gets late morning to midday sun.

We shall see what happens.....

(The stacks of side-mounted weird-looking leaves are Platycerium bifurcatum. The trailing plant at top-right is Ceropegia sandersonii. The shooting plant at the bottom is a crazy cultivar of Euphorbia pulcherrima with gold-flecked red bracts - I will not be able to make it flower again!)

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interesting  .keep us informed on progress

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