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Hi I took some photos of my Nepenthes...hope you will enjoy it:

N. copelandii - upper pitchers and behind lower pitcher

N. truncata

N. maxima (a got it like N. eymae)

N. rajah

N. burbidgeae - 2 different plants, upper pitcher ist just forming in behind









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in Slovakia : hot summer (30-35 C) and cold winters (up to -15 C)

shaded greenhouse, wit fans and simple moisting system...max temperature inside cca. 30 C winter min. 15 C..

the plants are quite old....burgidgeae has more than 15 years...but its an excelent grower


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Nice plants Andrej! Especially love the copelandii and burbidgeae. Do you know their origins?

Most of what I have seen do have that reddish touch. Maybe resulting on the red colored nepenthes nearby(?)

Do you use an evaporation wall?

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