What should I do with my new greenhouse?

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I’m picking up another greenhouse tomorrow. I’ve already got one but I plan to heat one of them. Only problem is my garden is quite small, as you can see in the picture, but I’m sure I can make this work somehow.




The picture was taken at 15:00 today so, as you can see, the area is lit fairly well. (The near side of the greenhouse is south facing by the way.) I was thinking of putting the new one next to the existing one and heating the one that is already there. I’m just a bit concerned that it will block too much light. Joining them isn’t really an option as the old greenhouse has angled sides and the new one has verticals sides. Other option is to turn the existing one but that’s a lot of work.


Just wondering what everyone else would do?







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Decision has now been made and I’m using the new greenhouse to my advantage. The plan is to keep pinguicula in there so a bit of shaded sun will be quite useful. Then the one at the back will be heated. Foundations are going down today if the rain holds of for me. If not it’ll have to be next weekend.



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