Hi from Dee in rainham

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Hello Dee. Yes, be careful. I have, over a couple of months, collected around 15 varieties of Sarracenia, Drosera and VFT's, its like an addiction LOL. I have now fell in love with Sarracenia leucophylla. Quite possibly the most beautiful plants I have ever seen.

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Hi there Dee

Nice to see a ' local ' member with a new enthusiasm for these wonderful plants.

Better plants can be gotten here than in your local ' dobbies or bnq' although I think you have to be a member for a few weeks before you get access to the sales forums.



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Hello Keith, Ian and blocky71, thankyou for your warm welcomes xx lol Ian you have a good sense of humour. Blocky71 I had no idea there was a marketplace on here, wow and yay! Keith I have bought 6 including the 3 I initially bought on Saturday lol. I nearly bought a vft at dobbies today reduced to half price, but thought I've got two already lol x

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One of the golden rules is rain water only Dee, that or distilled or reverse osmosis water.

Tap water will kill your carnivores in time, most garden centres unfortunately use tap water so I'd recommend flushing your new plants thoroughly with rain water just in case......

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Hi ya, yes we have to own up sometime it would seem! Personally people kind of expect this kind of thing from me now so it's ok, I have a support network in place :)

Hope you have fun and may many insects be fertiliser, Dean


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for the z that should be s lol
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