Heliamphora macdonaldae at

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I've been quite away from the internet community lastly, but I've just stumbled upon that information:`heliamphora_macdonaldae'


How sexy is that for a Heliamphora lover!

Hope we'll finally see it in many collections, and can't wait to see the hybrids people will make with that species. Hopefully, Gert will manage to propagate and sell it in 2018 as claimed.

I didn't see it anywhere on the forum, my bad if I'm wrong:

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The shape is really nice, although I'm not very fond of the veins coloured up like that, looks too much like a Sarracenia. Regardless, I suppose the price will be sky high for the first couple of years anyway.

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Well, just coming across the news about the cpuk data loss, what a shame :/. I was wondering where the unboxing of macdonaldae was.

Here is a quick pic of today, I repotted it one month ago. Hope it will go fine:


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