Pinguicula chilensis

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Just some pics from today. I grow this (with my other cold temperates) indoors during the summer, as it is too hot outside. It will go back out in mid to late September :biggrin:9e7RJkT.jpgFqyrSzo.jpgUFNzS0w.jpg

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6 hours ago, Gaz said:

Very nice, thanks for posting.  Does it have to be protected from rain when outside?

No, it can handle hard rains very easily. However, last year I did keep it in a large clear-plastic bin with a mesh lid along with my other cold temperates. The lid is intended to protect the hibernacula of other cold temperates from washing away in heavy rains (mesh weakens the rain) and to keep birds and slugs out. There wasn't really a reason to put the chilensis in there, I just wanted to keep them with their distant cold temperate cousins.

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