Something eating my Sarracenia

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Today noticed some holes in a couple of the traps on one of my plants along with some silk. Found at least one of the culprits in one of the damaged portions; a small grey caterpillar. 

Do caterpillars typically damage Sarracenia, and what species of moth/butterfly is it likely to be?

I'm not overly concerned if one or two traps are lost, but if the problem continues what pesticide could I use which wouldn't damage the plants? 


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I have had similar problems to this and think they may be the caterpillars of the tortrix moth. In my experience they have only affected a few plants so don't worry that you will have a plague of them and will wake up one morning to find stumps where your plants used to be ! When I notice them I tend to just pick them off and feed them to my cephs. In the past I have used Provado to try and deal with them but I try to not use pesticides unless I absolutely have to.


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