slugs in my greenhouse eating my plants

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Or beer traps. Just a small amount of beer in a plastic cup. Slugs like beer but they get drunk quickly and can't get out. Then they drown.

Got to keep on top of slugs. There can be thousands in your garden at any given time and they can devour a plant over night.
I woke up one morning after it had rained and all my lettuces had gone [emoji24]

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On 22/08/2017 at 10:57 AM, linuxman said:

Pellets work OK. Just don't let them near your animals.

A good way of protecting animals is by creating little 'bait boxes' for the pellets.... get a smallish clip lock tupperware and bore a couple of holes in the sides with a hole saw bit, not too large but large enough for the slugs (& snails?) to move in and out. Then you can load pellets in the box, close the lid and put in the greenhouse.

Pets and animals won't be able to get through the small holes.

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yesterday i was in the greenhouse tidying up my plants chopping dead and brown bits off and on the side of nearly every pot was a little slug :twisted: how can i stop them attacking my plants

Use broken egg shells sprinkled alot around your plants on the soil, and round your pots If you'd like. Its like a wall against slugs, they don't like to go over them cause of the texture! [emoji6] hope this helps.



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