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Another genre of Succulents that I enjoy growing for their spectacular flowers is the Asclepiadaceae. Have always been fascinated by them, and a while ago decided I need to have a go at growing them...

Currently have six mature plants:

Huernia sp.
Huernia sp.
Huernia piersii
Huernia aspera
Orbea semota
Orbea dummeri

And also various seeds from a few sources, such as Edithcolea grandis, Orbea variegata, Orbea lutea var lutea, etc...


But today, received a special delivery from one of our countries most knowledgeable people in the field, Oom Bert Polling from Limpopo.






Now for they wait as they get rooted, and can grow into their own colonies to produce those amazingly stinky flowers! 

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Hi Juan, luckily for you your climate should be ideal.  I've been trying to grow Stapeliads for a few years now and, with our UK climate, to say it has been a challenge would be an understatement.  I have a few left which I will stick with but I have found that, with their tendency to suddenly keel over, it has been a very unrewarding experience.  Too wet they die, too dry in Winter they die, too hot in Summer they die, the day has a "y" in it, they die.  My best remaining plants are the Huernia zebrina magniflora I got from Stephen Morley many years ago and a Huernia pillansii from a friend in the Cactus Society.

I've now moved my interests (as far as succulents go) to Gasteria, Haworthia & Aloes with a few Lithops thrown in for good measure.

Good luck with yours, it looks like you will have a fine collection there and it would be nice to see the flowers you get in due course.

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I tried to get a wide variety from Oom Bert, as his complete list of available cuttings this season far exceeded my budget :rolleyes:

After some Google-Fu I decided on the following, and will try get the same amount from the others he has next season:


Angolluma distincta
Angolluma laticorona
Angolluma taitica
Australluma ubomboensis
Caralluma burchardii
Duvalia corderoyi
Duvalia maculata
Duvalia parviflora
Duvalia sulcata ssp. seminuda
Echidnopsis scutellata
Edithcolea baylissiana
Edithcolea grandis
Huernia andreaeana
Huernia guttata ssp. reticulata
Huernia hystrix
Huernia hystrix ssp. parvula
Huernia kirkii
Huernia laevis
Huernia mccoyi
Huernia oculata
Huernia oculata
Huernia procumbens
Huernia schneideriana
Huernia thuretii
Huernia transvaalensis
Huernia verekeri ssp. verekeri
Huernia volkartii
Huernia yemenensis
Huerniopsis (Piaranthus) atrosanguineus
Huerniopsis (Piaranthus) decipiens
Huerniopsis (Piaranthus) decipiens (bruin/brown)
Monolluma hexagona
Ophionella arcuata ssp. mirkinii
Orbea caudata ssp. rhodesiaca
Orbea chrysostephana
Orbea cooperii
Orbea dodii
Orbea gemugofana
Orbea schweinfurthii
Orbea semitubiflora
Orbea semota var. lutea
Orbea semota var. orientalis
Orbea speciosa
Orbea sprengerii ssp. foetida
Orbea variegata
Orbea verrucosa
Orbea wissmannii var. eremastrum
Orbeanthus (Orbea) conjunctus
Orbeanthus (Orbea) hardyi
Piaranthus comptus
Piaranthus geminatus
Piaranthus punctatus
Stapelia cedrimontana
Stapelia gettleffii
Stapelia glanduliflora
Stapelia grandiflora var.  conformis
Stapelia obducta
Stapelia paniculata ssp. paniculata
Stapelia paniculata ssp. scitula
Stapelia similis
Stapelia villetiae
Stapelianthus decaryi
Stapelianthus hardyi
Tridentea jucunda
Tridentea pachyrrhiza
Tromotriche aperta
Tromotriche baylisii
Tromotriche gemmiflora
Tromotriche revoluta
Tromotriche umdausensis

Now to try get them rooted and growing, as we just got hit by cold front before going into Spring, so for the next week it's predicted to fall to 3°C at night (from 12°C + the past couple of weeks) and day time peeking at 14°C until the front has passed...

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I found that it can take a very long time to get offsets to root but that may not be a problem in your climate, current Winter conditions aside of course.

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We are currently having a last (going by weather predictions) cold snap before we officially enter Spring.

So for now they are sheltered next to where I've been cultivating succulents the whole winter.

I also mixed up some rooting hormone with water and dipped the cuttings before planting them in Germination Mix soil that's been misted damp with a well diluted anti-fungal solution (the cuts were already treated with Flowers of Sulphur by the person I bought them from)

So by Monday as the temps pick up again I'll move them over to stronger indirect light and mist them with water more frequently.

On the established plants new growth is popping up daily, so if all goes well I'll have some flower pictures to share soon.

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