J.P.'s Sphagnum moss Journey.

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So I bought a starter culture of Sphagnum moss when I purchased my carnies from Cultivo Carnivores. Therese told me she got the original moss in a container she received a plant in from California Carnivores a few years back. And looking at their website, they sell New Zealand Sphagnum moss. One of the species harvested there, looks like what I've got, Sphagnum cristatum.


This is when I received it on 21·07·2017

I placed it on a bed of dried long fibre Sphagnum moss.



The container has 4 x 4mm holes drilled into the lid, and 2 x 4mm holes about 10cm above the bottom, to get some air to the moss while maintaining high humidity. Its kept wet with Distilled water, and had a light sprinkling of Orchid fertilizer a day after I got it.


This was taken on 11·08·2017



So far it seems things are stable, even with a little bit of growth. All in all it looks like I'll be able to keep this cultivar alive and eventually be able to harvest it for my CP's


Here are the pics I took today 15·08·2017 to help ID the species of Sphagnum moss.








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