J.P.'s journey into Carnivory.

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So today I noticed something is up with Mr. Pinguicula ehlersiae. After much deliberation and Google-Fu seems it's throwing out adventitious roots, and probably getting ready to divide. They just seem a tad high up on the plant though?





The D. pulchella are still spitting out Gemmae at a steady rate. Around 65 were collected off two plants on Saturday, and by today they are filled with new ones, with an additional two plants having some too. Seems I'll be doing lot's of out of season trading, have already been offered VFT offsets in trade (7 VFT's for 130 Gemmae) which sounds very fair to me.

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The D. pulchella Gemmae are growing up rather quick, a quick head count was at 50+ so basically 100% sprouted.






I'm steadily introducing them to less humidity into exposed air outside, while also increasing direct sunlight exposure.

Gave them their first feeding with a weak seaweed emulsion that's extremely diluted in pure RO, that I feed the adult plants with too with great success so far. Using a syringe with 18G needle, making a drop form on the tip, then letting it rub off on the tentacles of the plant. This ensures it gets absorbed into the leaf while avoiding any fertilizer to enter the substrate.

Nothing else too exciting happening. Just collecting loads of seeds, while watching all the plants grow at a steady pace....

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Finally things are looking up for me.

Got an interview in early Feb, and out of all the applicants, they chose me! :biggrin:

Moved back to Johannesburg, and last weekend moved my plants over.

Staying on the first storey I could place them for optimal sun exposure. Here are some quick cellphone pics of the ever growing collection...












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