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hi everyone!

there is some photos taken at my small CP collection.
i hope you like it!

Dionaea  ARGO88 clone


Heliamphora minor x heterodoxa


Heliamphora minor "auyan tepui"


Drosera capensis and Drosera capensis alba


Drosera regia


Drosera pulchella 44A red flower


Pinguicula corsica "lago di creno"


more photos will come soon!

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Beautiful plants:yes:

great job!!!

dionea Argo88 isn't a registered clone, is a very vigorous and nice plant that I've obtained from seed.... it divides itself very QuickLy... the original plant in only Two years from seed germination has fulled a square pot 18x18...the seeds were bought from ebay;-)

please, post the photo of the wall pot with Your Two plants :biggrin:

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Sarracenia flava seedlings (peat free substrate)

Drosera burmannii seedlings

Pinguicula alpina seedlings

Drosera filiformis "typical form"

Huge dionaea ARGO88!

Genlisea violacea

Pinguicula debbertiana

Utricularia minor

Darlingtonia seedlings (peat free substrate)

Pinguicula esseriana

Pinguicula x tina and weser

Sarracenia juthatip soper (my oldest plant)

Dionaea muscipula "typical"

Peat free dionaea

Drosera intermedia flowers

Utricularia sandersonii "blue flower"

Drosera anglica

Cephalotus follicularis "typical"

Pinguicula vulgaris seedlings

Genlisea aurea

Pinguicula corsica "lago di creno"

Pinguicula alpina (last year)

Sarracenia flava var rubricorpora f124MK x f124MK

Drosera spatulata "ahipara gumfields northland, new zeland" white flower.

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WoW man :shock:

Those are some amazing looking plants!

Very well done, thanks for sharing them with us.




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really cool plants! 

Want more ;)


Best regards,


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