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Sarracenia alata, Texas

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Recently got to visit Texas and got to see some Sarracenia growing wild, interesting the ground was relatively dry this time of year, although still damp.  Also no peat to be seen anywhere, not sure what soil was but it had the consistency of china clay!  Took loads of photos, here's a few.


Big thicketBig thicketBig Thicket, TexasBig thicket


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Personally, i really dont like hybrids much, although i do have some.  Much prefer to grow species or natural hybrids and see how they grow in the wild where i can (which isn't often enough).  And i suppose it gives a fake sense of at least trying to do something conservation based (and it is entirely a fake sense of conservation).

Sadly, the area where these sarras were located is about 3% of its original area.

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I know what you mean.I only used to grow species and location plants, but the bad winter 7 or 8 years ago changed my thinking.

i now grow plants that grow well in my conditions,still some species and hybrids from seed.

Conservation is a great idea,they are reintroducing some species around the world now.Some people are for it,some against, but i doubt they will ever do it with our sarracenia.

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I think it may be normal in this location, seasonal flooding seems to prevent much vegetation from permanently taking over, and the dry seasons kills off other plants, the alatas seem to tolerate both and survive.  At least thats what the information in the visitor centre says.

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