Help with Utricularia determination (U. sect. Setiscapella)

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I have still very limited experience with Utricularia sect. Setiscapella and I ask for help by determining the following specimen. I got it from as "Utricularia subulata" about three months ago. Soon it produced one chasmogamous and several cleistogamous flowers, more or less agreeing with those I expected from U. subulata, so I though the original labelling was correct. However, after growing a lot during the last month, I observed a vigorous growth of pinnate leaf-like organs, which I have not seen in images and descriptions of U. subulata.

Now, I suspect of U. trichophylla, which may have flowers resembling those of U. subulata, even Taylor (1989) commented and illustrated the presence of both chasmogamous and cleistogamous inflorescescens. However, I did not checked the calix nerviation and I have never grown it before, so I am not sure. I will try to check the micromorphology of the bladders someday.

Could you help me with the current limited data, or should I wait until it flowers again? Let´s think on the possibility that two species were mixed, this one with pinnate leaf-like organs, and perhaps the true U. subulata, since I observed also some unbranched leaf-like organs arising from the substrate.

Thank you! 

Utricularia sp flowers.jpg

Utricularia sp vegetative parts.jpg

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In fact, that is a really good suggestion! Among the plant offer at there is also U. biloba, so I would not be very surprised if a fragment of that species was mixed with U. subulata.

I think I am going to start two parallel cultures from a few, clean, leaf-like organs of both types, pinnately branched and unbranched, and wait until they flower.

Thank you very much!

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Do you mean U. biloba? I grew it for a while, and even got it flower, but I lost it during one vacation period.

I do have U. subulata. It is difficult to kill, hehe.

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