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Total Dissolved Solids in rainwater

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Using my super cheapy TDS meter has shown me the rainwater in my 250l water butt has a TDS reading of just under 70.   However, the rainwater which collects in the trays outdoors which have plants in reads 10.  Quite a difference!

This tells me my roof is really mucky.  Or the water butt is leaking solids from the plastic.  Or perhaps both?  Thoughts would be welcome.

And is water with a TDS reading of 70 OK for CPs?  I've read it should be less than 100, but I've also read it should be less than 50.

In a few weeks we're getting a shed put up.  This will give me about 15ft of guttering to collect rain water from.  Can it be collected as soon as the shed's up, or would it be best to let it go through a few hours of rain first to clean anything off the roofing felt?

Thanks in advance for any comments and advice.


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Posted these results elsewhere but also relevant here. My water butt off my house roof is around 40 ppm. The roof is concrete tiles, probably the most common roofing. The water off my greenhouse read lower at around 15 ppm (glass roof). RO I can get down to 1 to 5 ppm whilst tap water here in North Hants can go over 300 ppm!  All with calibrated and temperature compensated water meter.  Really notice the water change when I head North.....

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On 7/31/2017 at 9:48 PM, Mark Anderson said:

I'm really lucky as the tap water in Edinburgh is only 33ppm


Wow you lucky bugger! Ours is about 200+ its well water so theirs no addatives, still wa too high for my Cps though.. shame

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