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melcourt growth pine bark (Question) repotting


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I  switched over to melcourt  growth pine bark  last year,  and have found  that my plants are growing better and there seem to colour up more 

on melcourt technical  sheet ,it states that the  pine  bark  is sound ,stable structure, which will not measurably degrade with time

Due to the pine not  degrading  like sphagnum moss peat . i should be able to leave my plants  for extra years without repotting

what are your views regarding repotting



  MIKE KING Shropshire Sarracenias has come up with a peat free mix for his pitcher plants; it’s so good he doesn’t bother with peat at all for his National Collection now. “One part perlite, one part fine or coarse Cornish grit and two parts fine milled bark from Melcourt




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