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Tips for growing these plants?


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So I just recently got these plants and with help from Reddit, I've confirmed they're Sarracenia Purpurea and Psittacina but I kind of need some tips to grow them. I've been an avid fan for 10+ years now and after getting more than 25 plants, none of them have survived so I definitely need some help to let them last at least a year. I knew what I wanted before I went to the garden centre but didn't know which ones fit the specification: Basically,  a good, hardy plant for beginners for a North facing kitchen windowsill or South facing bedroom windowsill. I want to try and keep one in my bedroom for a year but I'm a bit worried about pests (aphids), the radiator right below the window, the lack of direct sunlight, when to repot, artificial lighting (bedroom lighting which I usually keep on until 10pm-11pm)

What tips would everyone recommend me in order to let these live?


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