Nepenthes in live moss, but not sphagnum?


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Not sure what hair cap moss is but yes it doesnt have to be spaghnum, any kind of moss will do thats fibrous, free draining and doesnt break down into mush.  Nepenthes will grow in just about anything as long as the roots are oxygenated, from horse manure to plain water.

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On Borneo I saw no Nepenthes in sphagnum actually.

I dont think it works that well with polytrichum (if that is what you mean).

But they are growing in a lot of different mosses that draw a lot of water. Sadly I dont know which type they are, maybe someone knows better:DdaEqX5.jpg



All pictures are taken from gunung Mulu at ~1500masl to top.

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Very interesting stefan! Do you know if the roots stayed in the moss or went into the soil?

I was looking at more common moss species here, such as Brachythecium, Polytrichum or Leucobryum.



Has anyone tried these? With or without additional soil? Can they be toxic ?


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These moss polster are very thick (sometimes half a meter) and a lot of times there is no real ground underneath, except treeroots.

But these mosses soak up a lot of water. The mosses of  the first two pictures you showed dont soak up a lot of water.

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I've just received some moss via the well-known internet selling site that was advertised as Sphagnum, intended for my Neps. I opened the package and found it was certainly not Sphagnum but looked like what is known as Springy Turf-moss - Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus! It commonly grows on poorly-drained lawns, etc. have seen on this thread that types of moss other than Sphagnum are usually OK to use, so does anyone think that this will or will not be suitable? I ought to return it anyway as it's simply not what I ordered.

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