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Nepenthes leaf decay


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3 of my nepenthes, ampullaria, bicalcarata and albomaginata are showing decay on the leaves. Bicalcarata is in the worst shape but it's still alive, it makes a leaf and then it rots. The ampullaria was doing the same but recently the tendril showed signs of decay and I lost it. Now the albomarginata is showing signs also. Had these lowlanders since last summer. The albomarginata was forming pitchers but the lids never opened up. The temp is around 20-23 during day, I keep them on a windowsill and the ventilation is not very great. Could it be some fungus problem? is the temp too low and they are finally giving up? is it a root problem? should i repot? I have a truncata on the same windowsill and it's doing ok. Here are some pictures: http://imgur.com/a/5lAeq

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oh that doesnt look good. unfortunately im more into highlanders than lowlanders. I have lowland/hybrids that grow in my windowsill (which is actually 'highland' condition). They arent doing great, but still grow and make pitchers. Especially high humidity made it possible for me to grow them in cooler conditions. Brown spots sometimes come from leaf burn, but in that case the rest of the leaf is still a normal shape and firm. It might be rotten roots, im not sure.

Your leaves seem to loose their strength. How wet is the soil? How do you water them? What is the humidity?

I hope more experienced nep growers can help you!

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I think 20°C is just not gonna do it for bicalcarata especially, the plant looks aweful. In habitat its roughly 25-40°C. Probably a lot of factors like: light, humidity and temperature.

I would not repot it now, thats addictional stress that would kill the plant in such a state.

Really wondering how it went ok for so long?


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