Dying hummers giant

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Hello my cephalotus hummer giant has grown super well and really enjoyed being in the greenhouse with light and heat. But suddenly it has started to fade both leaves and traps .. Has other cephalotus that is still growing and has no problems. Will it maybe come from the roots again?


Best Regards Pelle Rahbek d6e53af6e6dd9f35ec4b4354f9a0dd94.jpg


Sendt fra min EVA-L09 med Tapatalk



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Has the temperature soared lately? Could be heat stress.

Whatever caused it, there is plenty of healthy growth at the edges (bright green pitchers forming) so the plant seems OK overall.

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i'd go with heat stress,pot too small and roots can get hot and dry very quickly.   Put them in bigger pots and they will be better off,mine are in 8 or 9 inch pots,these fluctuate less in temperature and hold moisture better

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If the cephs around share the same conditions and still look fine, you should also consider a fungus attack. These little bastards can kill your plants within a few days, and the pics you showed look pretty much the same to me. Maybe the plant has been weakened by some inappropriate heat before.

I'd remove all the withered leaves and pitchers, repot the rhizom into fresh soil (and a new pot!) and treat both this ceph and all of the cephs around with a fungicide. There is no guarantee for a recover, but I'd give it at least a try. With a little luck, the ceph will grow out of the rhizom again in a few weeks or months...

Good luck and successful growing!



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