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CPS email newsletter released

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If anyone is interested, the latest CPS email newsletter is out. I am only mentioning this because I think that, in the past, my newsletter has ended up in the junk folder and hasn't been checked. The newsletter is very brief though. This is not meant to be a comment, someone will say to me 'Well, write something then !'

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Thanks for plugging it David.  It is briefer than my previous ones but I'm trying a new way of doing it now. As we email members several times a year with announcements I figured a flash-newsletter could go out at the same time with a couple of articles in it.  As is obvious from your comment, it can always be made bigger if members write something for it.  :tongue:  It does feature a great article on growing Aldrovanda and an excellent new video about sexing, pollinating and germinating Nepenthes.  

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Nothing here either.  My membership ran out at the end of May and although I renewed before then, I wonder if no one ticked the 'still active' box next to my email address although I did get a membership card.

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