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Pinguicula crystallina in Cyprus

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On my recent holiday in Cyprus, I managed to find the only species of Carnivorous plant on the island! - Pinguicula crystallina.

Unfortunately they were in a hard to reach place and they are strictly protected, so no collecting of seed.

Here's the habitat shot - Caledonia falls in the troodos mountains, Cyprus.


I had previously read that they were near the water (obviously) in an otherwise very hot and arid island, but had almost given up on finding them whilst walking alongside the river. Whilst taking shots of the Caledonia falls themselves, I noticed something bright green behind the water... sure enough, there they were, clinging to the rock face behind the waterfall (about halfway up)!


Lovely to see some in flower as well. (Excuse the slight blurriness - this was a hand-held telephoto shot in dappled shade)

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1 hour ago, Mujinamo said:

Amazing! Looks like they would be hard to get to.

Yes indeed! Although there are probably other populations around the streams in the troodos mountains, perhaps in more natural and remote areas.

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