Dans darlingtonia

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Just a few snaps of my darlingtonia now the pitchers are looking a bit better. They have been moved this year and are now in a greenhouse of their own.


paler Josephine county plant normally goes yellow in intense light.


This one normally gains some good red heads in decent light 


Giant form from insektenfang plants is showing some promise this year!


F. Viridiflora 'othello' again gained some good size over last year's growth which can be seen at the bottom of the pics.


Thanks for looking and hope you enjoyed them. Will be posting more snaps here as they progress through the season.




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32 minutes ago, linuxman said:

Impressive plants Dan. I look forward to seeing them when they've coloured up.

I had a hedge up alongside the greenhouse that provided dappled shade but they that has now gone so they should colour up nicely :tu:

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26 minutes ago, MR.Carnivorous said:

They look very good, Dan.

How do you cultivate them ?


All grown in 50:50 sphagnum moss:perlite, in large trays with the greenhouse door and windows open this time of year to allow good air circulation. They get flooded once a week dependant on how hot the weather is. They get approx 12 hours of sunlight through polycarbonate glazing so it's very slightly defused.


Hope this helps 


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