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I was wondering how many people in this forum live in and around Bristol and would be up for creating a Bristol based group?
The idea would be to meetup at each others houses, see each others plants, talk about the different species, give tips, swap plants etc.

What do you think?

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the Carnivorous Plant Society arranges around 15 open days each year across the UK.  We haven't had an event around Bristol for some years and would welcome one now.

If you are a member of the society your event(s) would be advertised on our website (, in our newsletters and on this forum.  There may even be some financial support available.

In addition we provide grants to other CP related conservation organisations, have stands at RHS Chelsea flower show, other RHS shows and CP weekends at RHS gardens,  our Journal Planta Carnivora is published twice a year and our Newsletter also twice a year, we have one of the world's largest seed banks, arrange talks at Horticultural Societies and Garden clubs and fund this forum.

You can join via our website.  UK membership costs £20 pa.


Dennis Balsdon
Chair, the Carnivorous Plant Society



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