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2017 Largest Dionaea Trap Competition


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Yup, congrats to everyone for taking part and those donating prizes and organising the comp. I haven't had a great season and my one potential entry (G16) turned black before I got around to taking a photo !. 

We have 2 of the winning clones, what was yours Stu ?

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Please accept my apologies but I over looked one of the entries by mistake (clearly had too much wine when pulling everything together). As such I will be providing a 4th prize to Rik who also had a prize size trap.

All previous prizes and winners will be honoured.


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On 12/10/2017 at 7:18 PM, Blocky71 said:

what was yours Stu ?

Only just seen this Chris... if you're still interested, it's a seed grown plant. Seeds were obtained from ThomasL here and sown back in Sept 2012. All that is known of the parentage is it's open pollinated seed from "Giant Traps, Erected Petiole".

I've got 4 adult clones from the batch; all fairly similar but the entry photographed was clearly bigger.

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