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Must be something in the air/water within my greenhouse - I've currently got two oddball mutants in my Dionaea collection.

Exhibit A - mutant trap on a seed grown Dionaea.



As you can see, this clone has much reduced marginal lashes similar to bristle teeth and the like, so I guess the likelihood for mutation might be higher?

Exhibit B - a rather interesting fasciated flower stalk & flower on D. m. 'Charly Mandon's Spotted'.


From the first sight of the flower stalk, you could clearly see the triple-fused stem so I isolated the curiosity and kept an eye on the growth. I then saw the multiple flower buds (to be expected on 3x the stem)...


What I didn't expect was a fasciated (or cristate) flower form with complete fusing across the top!



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Hahahaha, your right Hannah.

Nice plants mate .

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