Utricularia blanchetii

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Utricularia blanchetii is a Brazillian terrestrial Utricularia with a limited genographic distribution (central Bahia).  It seems to be ok with fairly low light (phototynthetic photon flux density, PPFD, of about 150 µmol/m^2/s).  Here is the link to my Orchid Borealis blog post with a bit more info.

It is interesting one of Japanese books mentions that the flower has the fragrance similar to Vanilla, but my plant doesn't have any.  Does it usually have the fragrance?

Utricularia blanchetii on Flickr

Utricularia blanchetii on Flickr

Utricularia blanchetii on Flickr

Utricularia blanchetii on Flickr

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