Carnivorous Plant European Exhibition and Exchange

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This year the EEE will be held in Leiden, the Netherlands. Website is now live: - EEE Eng.html

In the following days here you can find all the information you need about speakers, sellers, conference diner and how to get there.

You can also visit our Facebookpage:


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V  Joachim Nerz – Germany.   Topic: Nepenthes in habitat.

V  Miloslav Studnicka – Czech Republic.   Topic: Utricularia spec. reniformis vs cornigera.

V  Damien Jouen – France.   Topic: Drosera Petiolaris Complex.

V  Michael & Caroline Schoner – Germany.   Topic: Nepenthes and Bats.

V  Christian Dietz – Germany.   Topic: South African Drosera.

V  Laurent Taerwe – Belgium.   Topic: Nepenthes; Threads and Conservation.

V  Simon Poppinga – Germany.   Topic: Utricularia; Trap function and movements.

V  Raisal Haq – Indonesia.   Topic: Nepenthacea.

V  Yupi Isnaini – Indonesia.   Topic: Nepenthes; tissue culture.

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