Does F88MK shoot blanks?


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Been wanting to use F88MK to produce a S. x moorei but on both flowers I've got this year there's no pollen collecting in either of the stylar discs. Does anyone else see this or is it just my plant? I've pollinated the flowers with leuco pollen so should hopefully get mooreis that way, unless the plant is totally sterile. I seem to remember the same happening last year so I doubt it's something environmental this year. Any thoughts?

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Some Sarracenia seems to be sterile for one sex. For example, I never had any production of pollen for S. x Crimson Queen (but the same plant is very good at receiving pollen; it often produces many seeds with vigorous seedlings). For F88, I have not searched for pollen so far, but last year it accepted the pollen of Adrian Slack (not much seeds produced but they are currently germinating).

There are also plants with reduced fertility (in my culture conditions) and the amount of pollen produced is very variable from one clone to the other..

I had the greatest difficulties at obtaining seeds from Sarracenia flava var rugelii RVL-FL77 (MK-F92), which seems to be sub-sterile as a female plant.

S.alata x S.leucophylla -- Red & Gold) x S.x moorei -- 'Leah Wilkerson' CA-SX65a (Cédric Azaïs) rarely produces flowers in my culture conditions (outdoors). 

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