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Data of peat vs peat-free propagation/cultivation

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I used to purchase Klasmann Lithuanian peat moss for all my plants - sometimes mixing it with silica gravel.  I then immigrated and am currently in Scotland.  I am not sure of the laws regarding importing of the same peat to Scotland/UK, where in Scotland should I purchase quality peat (free of fertiliser etc) from, nor which alternative to use, hence, I am searching for advice.  Where can I find informative data showing the growth etc of plants in peat as well as same plants in other alternative substrate.  Should none be available, then please could you advise as to whether you import peat - (I have never imported to UK so am ignorant of applicable laws) as well as your experiences with alternatives.

Plants I am currently interested in are Nepenthes, Sarracenia and Dionaea 

Many thanks, Selina

[email protected] / www.facebook.com/sunkissedcarnivores/ 

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You can import pure (unused) peat from another EU country without any problems (what happens after Brexit is anyone's guess but for now, nothing changes). The only issue could be delivery cost. It might be cheaper to visit your local garden centre or shop on ebay, amazon etc. I bough some from ebay earlier this year without problems.

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