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Melcourt 'Growbark - Pine' stockist S.E. Manchester

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Having searched high and low for the highly recommended Melcourt bark, (that I don't have to buy in bulk or pay a fortune  for in delivery) I found a Melcourt stockist - who doesn't currently stock Growbark - but is willing to order some in IF there's interest in it.

So if you're in the South East Manchester area and after a bag or two, then please drop them a message (Facebook link on website) saying so...


Hyde, Cheshire (M60, M67)




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They do have a pallet of the stuff in stock now.

They also, last year, bought a collection of CPs (mainly Sarracenia & Darlingtonia, from photos I've seen), so if you ever visit for the Growbark ask for a look at them....maybe something you like in there - not sure if they are selling or not.

I talked them into stocking the growbark, but haven't had the time to visit/buy yet.....and I only live in Ashton !!!

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I'll definitely have to go over and have a look, to see their collection and have a look at what else they sell.  Somewhere I've kept meaning to go to see what they have, but never got there even though I only live in Glossop.

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