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Great meeting in Bonn Botanical Garden


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Dear friends,
I would like to inform you about our annual cp-event in the Botanical Garden Bonn.
This meeting is one of our best cp-meetings in Germany and we arrange this meeting every year.
It's like a tradition now. Starting with a few people in 2005 it is now our largest cp-meetings.� Last year we celebrated our 12th meeting and we were nearly 150 cp-lovers. The meeting lasted for 2 days with a collective evening event.
We are just finished planning and organizing the event for this year. It will be at Saturday the 29.04.2017 and Sunday the 30.04.2017 in Bonn.
On Saturday, 29th of April 2017 we have two lectures (sorry in German only) and on Sunday there will be a plant exchange with lots of sellers.
Most of you know the well-known german suppliers of carnivorous plants from the EEE's.
On Saturday evening we’ll meet in a bar to eat and drink and discuss about plants and anything else.
Besides this you have the chance to see the famous collection of the botanical garden that is one of the best gardens collection in Germany.
Here is the official announcement of the next year meeting:
Here a link to our meeting from 2016 with lots of photos on the last sites:
To make this meeting more interesting and to offer the possibility to you to be part of this great event you can send this info to other carnivorous plant enthusiasts.
Maybe there are some growers who will be happy to join such a meeting and see friends, interesting lectures or just buy the first plants in the year for their collection.
If there is any private or professional seller who wants to offer plants it will be no problem. If you are interested you can register for the meeting and/or for the evening event.
Registration for the evening event is only for reservation, no prepaid diner. Everybody orders from the menu card whatever he likes and pays at the evening.
Please contact Alexander Fisch per Mail or via Forum: [email protected]
Alexander Fisch ><(((°>

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