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Pings waking up?


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My Mexican pings have largely been 100% dry since they started to move to the winter buds (couple species that didnt I gave a little water to).  They're on a sunny windowsill and kept in covered trays so hitting about 27deg C with the sunny weather.  A couple look to be coming into the summer leaves so is it safe to now give all water (a little from the tray) or just those waking up?

Also I might uncover them (how they were last year) as I think the hot sun and warm room is not helping a couple of Ehlersiaes I've got which are now looking a little pale :-(

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I watered mine occasionally all winter. Many are flowering and starting to grow now. I never had much success growing them in the house, always too dry and they do much better for me in the greenhouse kept above 6C.

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