ID Nepenthes flava x ?


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Hi Neps lovers,

Here is a Nep i have grown from seeds i've got in 2014 from the Ebayer 'Nepentheceae'

Seeds were supposed to be from a N. flava plant, but it looks something different.

The leaves remind me of a N. densiflora. Pitchers look like those from the singalana like group.



Maybe someone has plants from the same batch of seeds ???

Anyway i love the pitchers, can't wait until they get bigger !


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The pitcher and leaf shape, along with the lovely reddish colouration would suggest N.Densiflora, but I can't say I see any hints of N.Flava poking through? I know that there's a hybrid of N.Densiflora with N.Spectabilis out there which would explain the striped peristome, but the leaves and peristome on that look completely different. I'd agree with Corky that it's most similar to N.Diatas. I suppose there's no knowing what's in it! It is very pretty though, do keep up updated with photos of larger pitchers as it grows!

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I have check again the S. McPherson book vol. 2 (including indonesian sp.) and had a look also on my diatas, densiflora, bongso...plants and this plant have clear similarities with densiflora and angasanensis.
I will take time to go on more details (presence of rhizome, hairs on tendril...)
Time will say!

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Keep us apdated my friend!  


However, I can't see any ovata or flava in it, this pitcher is really elongated and has not the round shape of the flava group.
Anyway, the shape of that plant is really curious and interesting! 

First thought was hamata or eddie shape because of the teeth we can see ahah :P

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