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The last time I got in to the peat argument here, I was pilloried for it. As a flower show exhibitor I need to be well versed in this argument, especially when faced with a representative of the metro

It's gonna be a strange world when we're sneaking back bags of peat from abroad instead of boxes of fags and bottles of drink after our vacations....... 

Hi 95% of the peat bogs in the UK have been destroyed and the UK imports millions of cubic metres of peat each year principally from Eire and the baltic states.  Having destroyed our own peat bog

It is grow Bark Pine that Mike was using and has a Ph 4.5-5.5, and the bag I had was labeled with the name on it.

I am using it, trialling some Disa orchids in it instead of sphagnum moss peat, so far the test is positive but will need to wait until spring to check the root systems. Growbark-Pine.pdf

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Hotsteppa, I bought my coir for about £14 for eight bricks (inc posting). This makes about 80 litres when wet.

Perhaps not the cheapest but you have to be careful with coir. If you find a brand that you can trust, stay with it. As said before, some of it can be dodgy.

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Alexis, it may be down to other things. I went on holiday twice and each time the VFT's were in deep water. Perhaps they don't like this with Melcourt. I have lowered the water level and they are looking better now. Also, straight substitution of Melcourt for peat may not be good. I could try Mike's mix another year. 

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