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Been quite some time since I've been active on here..anyway I'm back and I'm going to show you my plants...



1afd657ef190576ed104dcb142c18d86.jpg--here's my n.veitchii x burbidgeae who's recovered very well from its disaster...



dc49cc91308814e691088ddc9ed88dff.jpg--here's my n.ventricosa x talangensis of which has grow a lot since...


e53e47973be7d3d3e0b16672dda123c6.jpg-with multiple basals...


a02e9e8eb47062fabf05c35a0c129215.jpg-....and flower stalk




b83a8cbc43c75f9c9f3cd8c0f7d77ab4.jpg--here's a completely new plant,n.maxima x burbidgeae of which I love...



beec7a63e9e0f045b2bbfaa494f934d2.jpg--again here another new plant,n.singalana x burkei



2ea7dc969f0e4f8f0139a6e1b02374b5.jpg--and finally here's my n.ventrata





Here are some of my favorite pitchers so far...



02cb97f5ea33b00aaf102d574fbf5675.jpg-n.ventricosa x talangensis


6bc24da4228599d84fd705a37c130739.jpg-n.maxima x burbidgeae


b894a1d8638848fa3cb380bb8e3e0207.jpg-n.singalana x burkei



So that's it in the near future I hope to be getting a 6x8 greenhouse with shelving,plants and maybe even a hydrofogger...






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