Sarracenia Adrian slack.. rare ? maybe not ?

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I was trying to obtain a Specimen of Sarracenia Adrian Slack   but after reading forums regarding how hard it was, that it was going to be near impossible

To obtain one.

You see a few on EBay which going for ridicules prices 

In one year, I obtained three in total one from mike king.

I was on his wish list, just received a small medium division cost £15 other two cost £20 each

Could anyone who has grown this plant tell me is it a slow grower    

After reading about Sarracenia Adrian Slack, some say it is a slow grower and some people say it is not a slow grower 

Whose right

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i'd have thought with 3 plants you could tell us.

My plants has grown fairly fast i would say,from a little cutting with only a few roots.I suppose it depends on your conditions

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Good compost and light,they should grow really well,my plant came from Mike and romped away.Sometimes if the plants come from a milder climates they take a bit longer to acclimatise

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It's like all of these plants that garner an at times mythical status; as soon as anyone has a tiny division it ends up being sold for top dollar, and hence remains scarce, especially any plant of decent size.

I find it pretty vigorous, and have a few in the nursery which I've propagated over the past few years and hope to have a few next year, possibly even this one!



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I've often heard Mike say that in his conditions Adrian Slack grows like a weed which suggests that it is quite vigorous !

Regarding availability more people now have the plant and therefore the cost of obtaining one has dropped. It is only a few years ago that I remember one selling on ebay for about £200. What you are prepared to pay for a plant will depend on how patient, or not, you are willing to be to get hold of it.


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