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I have my leaf cuttings during winter and spring in a small aquarium on a south window. Waterlevel 3 - 4 cm.  The sun is shining often very strong. Today I measured the temperature. First I didn`t believed it - + 40°C.




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But the heat doesn't Kill the leaf pullings... I see all in excellent conditions:biggrin:

I live in the southest part of Italy, and I've also registered very hig temperatures... sometimes I must take away the termometre, because there were 49°C and it can achieve only 50°C... I think that it is not a problem for the cephalotus (and also my drosera regia) if the temperatures in the night fall down... when the night temperatures are upper than 30°C I must to bring drosera regia in shadow... for cephalotus, I can to let them here, because I use a pure sand substrate with a little live sphagnum around the roots (or pure sand)... it helps to mantain roots temperature lower, I think...

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Last year I broke leaf without purpose. It had half stem but didn't want to throw, so I just stuck it to live sphagnum. It was mid summer with temps 47C and above in the greenhouse - the leaf rooted pretty well...

Harro, what's the media u use for rooting?

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Different methods. The best temperatur is between 20 and 22°C and in the shadow. My success is about 85 %

In live shagnum



within the motherplants pot


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Dimitar your Sphagnum does not look that well. Maybe it is the wrong species or too soggy. Mine looks more like that from Harro fluffy and light green.

Even the last picture from Harro looks a bit too wet for my opinion, it might rot that way. Mine is more dry, but I don’t have holes in the top and no trouble with rooting in these boxes.


Some weak fertilizer might help too. Mine get it. Only draw back, I have to harvest more moss while they are rooting.


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Thanks, probably u are right. Yes, the moss was old and not so healthy. My wife used the moss and the box to root Saintpaulia cuttings and I being lazy just stole the box lol

I have tried rooting hormone with mixed success as well. My conditions in Bulgaria are hot almost year round and I don't have much success rooting leaves or pitchers.

To ask u guys and gals, which leaves are best for rooting - the fresh new spring leaves or old leaves?

BTW, Carl still waiting rooted Cephalotus 'Bananito ' leaf from me lol :biggrin:

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@partisangardener When I start it is really wet. For weeks I don`t fill up with water, so after some time the moss is only humid. If that happens before the leafs get roots I fill up again and it starts all over again.Waterlevel you can see at my last pic. Sometimes it takes month before a root appears. Dudley Watts Clone is one of them. Very, very slow. I tried rooting hormon for many times but to my opinion it doesn`t help.

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Mobile showed a pic in the forum of a Cephalotus in cat litter. I try to use it for rooting. It`s an experiment so far.



My windowsill nursery



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To my opinion the experiment failt.

On 21st of Feb.I put in cat litter leaf cuttings with the follwing dates:

Broke Inlet  14.12.2016 and 17.2.17

Giant Klaus Keller 22.1.2017

Yamada`s Giant 9.2.2017

Donelly River 15.2.2017

Frenchmans Bay 6.2.17

None of them shows a root. I`ll put them in shagnum again.

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