No pitchers after re-potting

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So, the short version: After repotting, my Nepenthes x Ventrata is growing well but has stopped producing pitchers. Any advice on how to encourage it to start again?

The somewhat longer version; aka “the little Nep that could”:

I have a Nepenthes X Ventrata (if you trust garden centre labels), which has been with me for 10+ years, and the history of which would probably keep other plants awake at night screaming. Initially bought when I was a student and had a room in which it did very well, it has now suffered through a succession of moves and temporary places where it has been subjected to various levels of low humidity, lack of water, low light, and general abuse. It’s persevered however, twice dying back to ground level before re-growing, once as two spreading vines and now as one central stem again, and has always managed to put out some pitches during the good times (which then go brown later on when it’s luck ran out again).

The good news is, life for the plant should now calm down a bit, and it is in a permanent position in a small south facing window, in a bathroom which should hopefully provide some level of humidity as well. It had been there and been doing reasonably well for a year or so when I decided to re-pot it to a slightly larger container (and one with an in-built reservoir to aid watering regularity). This is a pic of the plant just after it’s repotting (with evidence of its prior neglect in the stubs of old leaves on the lower stem and half brown pitchers):


Since repotting some 4-5 months ago, it’s shot up! It’s now go to the point I’m going to have to investigate some form of support for it and everything, definite progress. On the face of it, it appears to be doing extremely well, but with one caveat… no pitchers! Another pic below:


So, does anyone have any advice on what has put it off producing pitchers? I’m hoping it’s a ‘wait and see’ type issue like re-potting shock or the fact that it’s winter. My fear though is that it’s something to do with the new container or the potting medium I’ve used (This stuff, for reference). Opinions appreciated!

Additional question: Does anyone know what the white discolouration that appeared on the moss is likely to be? Initially it all sprang into life in a lovely green colour (see 1st pic), but has now turned white in patches. Sun bleaching? Mould? It’s not drastic but I’m hoping not a symptom of a wider issue. 

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the fact that it’s winter

Your plant should pitcher again in Spring and Summer.


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