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Some great Nepenthes on Borneo

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Hey guys, 

the last weeks, i was travelling with 2 friends on Borneo, and we saw the most impressive Nepenthes there.

We took a lot of pictures and some of them you can see here:


We are preparing some articels about the Nepenthes there, with spectacular pictures. But this will only be printed in the `Taublatt´, the magazine of the German Society (GFP). So get sure you´ll get one ;-)

We are also thinking about to make a photo book, with the best pics and some informations about the plants and habitat. But this depends on your interest! 

So enjoy the pics.

Best regards



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Simply stunning images, i have no words for comment the edwardsiana!

Ps: i don't speak a single word in german, but i can guess what you wrote about the big bug:biggrin:

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I was on the trip with Matze. Borneo is just amazing, hope it will be in the future too!

Logging and palmoil is a big thread, not only on Borneo. Everyone can contribute to make a chance by watching what food you buy or support local aid agencies.

Pics are small because of the upload size and mostly with my hand to have a imagination of their size too.

If you are interested in a fotobook let Matze know.




hahaha the big bug was the best :D


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