Winter pitchers


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Hello everyone,

A few pictures of pitchers that have developed over the winter months:

N. macrophylla



N. edwardsiana:




N. peltata


N. lowii & N. xtrusmadiensis


N. jacquelineae


N. spectabilis


N. platychila


N. mikei


N. ephippiata



Looking forward to the Spring!!




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Wow, such beauties!
In particular spectabilis. The "body" of the pitcher almost reminds my of burbidgeae. What is that clone?

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21 minutes ago, elvis said:

Absolutely stunning plants!


 BUT i too need the clone of the Spectabilis, it looks very similar to Spec x Talang


Thank you! The  spectabilis is from Borneo Exotics;  I only know it as their 'giant' form.

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6 hours ago, Tropicat said:

Very nice plants! Absolutely amazing! What are your growing conditions? (light/water/soil etc?)

Hi Tropicat, & thanks! You should be able to find details of my growing conditions in a couple of previous posts, but they are basically: 12C min temp, humidity min 70%, artificial lights for 5 hrs a day in winter and rainwater only. I grow all my plants in 100% sphagnum moss. Of course, some species like these conditions more than others.

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